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Always Free Shipping + Earn Reward Points on Every Order!
Always Free Shipping + Earn Reward Points on Every Order!

Urban Essentials

A Lifestyle That Works. 

Cultivate a lifestyle that is holistically balanced, where creativity, productivity, and wellness 

are not isolated elements, but interwoven aspects of daily living.

Urban Workspace
Urban Fitness
Urban Wellness
The Pinnacle of Movement-Rich Design

Be the creator of your space and architect of your lifestyle. 

 Embrace the power to shape your surroundings and daily routine in a way that resonates with your unique rhythm of living and working.

Move in tune with the city.
Urban Navigator
Sow the Seeds of Urban Living
Urban Gardener
Just kick it
Urban Trainer
Where work and Life seamlesly integrate.

The term 'works' in our tagline, "A Lifestyle That Works,"  is a deliberate play on words. It reflects the functionality of our products and their role in the lives of professionals who are blending their work into their personal spaces.


Design an environment that not only meets your professional needs but also supports and enhances your overall lifestyle. This is the essence of a lifestyle that truly 'works' – one that is designed by you, for you.

The Journal
Where insight meets inspiration