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Always Free Shipping + Earn Reward Points on Every Order!

You dont need to exercise more, You just need to move.

The Air Chair

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$415.00 - $609.00
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Enhance Posture
Promotes subtle, continuous shifts in posture and position.
Improve Mental Clarity
Better concentration, creativity, and reduced stress.
Increase Metabolism
Higher energy expenditure even while sitting.
Strengthen Muscles
Engages core and back muscles.
The Human Body Was Meant To Move

“The human body was made to move, bend, stretch, and reach. Surround yourself with objects that inspire movement and you’ll live longer with greater mobility. You don’t have to run marathons or spend hours in a musty gym - the real secret is incorporating movement throughout your every day and you’ll reap the benefits!”

— Tyler Benner - Venn Design Founder

The Hidden Costs of Sitting Still

 Static chairs like traditional ergonomic task chairs confine you to a single posture for hours, leading to muscle stiffness and chronic back pain. 

Each moment in a fixed position cuts off circulation and slows your metabolism, increasing health risks and reducing your alertness. 

The result? 

A workday overshadowed by diminished productivity and increased stress. This is the daily reality for many, but it doesn't have to.

The need for change is clear. 

It's time to break free from the constraints of traditional seating and embrace a solution that moves with you, enhancing your health and boosting your focus.

Breaking Free from Static Sitting

Embrace the Freedom of Movement

Movement as Natural State

Humans are designed to move—active sitting aligns with our innate need for physical activity, even in seated positions.

Engagement Over Passivity

Active sitting engages the body and mind, counteracting the lethargy and

disengagement associated with static sitting.

Adaptability and Flexibility

It encourages adaptability, allowing the body to find its balance and supporting a

wide range of natural postures.


“ Shaped like a yoga ball, but designed for any space. “

Quality Craftsmanship 

Made In Dallas, Texas

The Air Chair combines Swiss ball-inspired design with the finesse of premium upholstery, creating a seat that's not only comfortable but incredibly durable. Crafted in Dallas, Texas, by skilled artisans. 

From the robust YKK zippers and intricate stitching to the multi-layered stressed skin composite construction, every detail ensures longevity and performance.


Adaptive materials like temperature-balancing foam and high-grade upholstery adjust to your body, providing comfort for many uses.


Venn Design employs a zero-waste philosophy, utilizing every scrap of fabric possible to minimize waste.

By prioritizing local sourcing, we support nearby suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint and boosting the local economy. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eileen M.
Well made. The included air pump, not so much

Like the chair. The pump that was provided is junk. Had to order a tip for my bike pump to inflate, but all good now.

Thank you for your review and feedback, Eileen! We're glad to hear you were able to get the chair inflated. We hope you're enjoying the Air Chair. Have an awesome week ahead!

Stefan R.
Large Desert Air Chair Review

I typically never right reviews unless I really feel compelled to do so…..this is one of those times. I’m someone who believes in buying something good and buying it once. We work hard for our money and for me I want to get the most out of my purchases. What that means for me is the products I buy need to last, hopefully provide value, look good and make me actually use the thing. The air chair is one of those things.

Ive been using the air chair for well over 4 months now and I couldn’t go back to a “regular” computer chair. The biggest thing I first noticed was that it forces me to be in a good posture effortlessly. The by product of that I believe is this new found energy and focus I’ve gained during serious sessions of work. It’s bizarre to say but using the chair has given me a strange boost of energy. I also used to have a terrrrrible habit of slouching and leaning back on a normal computer chair which I’m sure was never good. I had a hard time choosing a colour I went with the desert colour I would call it more of a light orange though. I’ve grown to really love it but if I had to choose all over again I would probably go grey or tan.

Where the value really lies for me personally is its use case as an exercise ball. I have gotten in the habit of using it to stretch with in the evenings. Learned a couple movements from YouTube now I can’t stop doing them. Love that I have one piece of “furniture” functioning as a piece of exercise equipment. That for me is the true value of the product. I definitely had some hesitation, let’s be real it’s expensive but in my opinion it’s worth it. I got rid of my old computer chair and my terrible old and tiny exercise ball and replaced it with this.

- I’m 5’8 and the large is great, small wouldn’t have been ideal for me at a desk.
- when using it to stretch, if your not using carpet I found I need a mat underneath because it would slip on me with certain movement’s.
- when siting on it I’ll take small breaks from work and move my hips in a figure 8 and I just think it feels good

Hi Stefan, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review of your Air Chair experience. Those are great tips! We are thrilled to hear that it has been a valuable addition to your work routine and exercise routine. We wish you many more years of positive exepriences with the Air Chair!

Ken W.
The Air Chair!

The Air Chair is ergonomic, stylish, comfortable and versatile. The best chair for posture and comfort. I love it!

Hey Ken! Were glad to here you love the Air Chair. Its' a game changer for posture and overall energy. Nothing like being able to do full stretches so conveniently right from your office desk. Keep enjoying the benefits of active sitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Did I receive the wrong size air cushion? I inflated the cushion but the ball doesn't fill the upholstery. What do I do now?

1.Check the Color of Your Air Cushion: Ensure you have the correct size:

- Large Air Cushions are BLUE.

- Small Air Cushions are CORAL.

2. Follow the Inflation Guide: It’s common to be surprised by how much the Air Cushions can stretch, especially the first time you inflate them. Watch the inflation guide video here for detailed instructions. Make sure to align the valve with the zipper as shown in the video—this is crucial for proper inflation.

3. Correct Pumping Technique: When using the hand pump, avoid pushing to the very end of the pump’s range. Keep your pumping action between 20-80% of the pump’s total travel to prevent the pump from getting stuck.

4. Prevent Air Loss: If you need to take a break while pumping, cover the back of the pump with your hand to stop air from leaking out.

5. Avoid Over-Inflation: If the cushion feels too hard and uncomfortable when you sit, it may be over-inflated. This won't damage the upholstery cover, but for optimal comfort, watch the video demonstration to inflate the cushion until it fills the upholstery nicely. Test it by sitting on it before inserting the plug.

6. Adjusting Air Levels: If you've over-inflated the cushion, simply let out some air until you reach the desired firmness.

Tip for Removing the Plug: Use a spoon – it’s the best tool for removing the plug without damaging it.

By following these steps, you should be able to adjust your Air Chair to the perfect inflation level for comfort and support.

How do I know which size Air Chair is right for me?

Choosing the right size Air Chair depends on your height and intended use:

- Large Air Chair (65cm diameter): Best for adults 5’1” and taller, ideal for desk work at standard heights. Inflate or deflate to adjust seat height.

- Small Air Chair (55cm diameter): Suitable for children and adults under 5’1”, or for use at sofa height for lounging and exercises. Offers more stability and is closer to the ground.

Both sizes can be used as a fitball for exercises and stretching. Adjust the air to customize the firmness and height as needed.

What’s the weight limit for a Venn Air Chair? 
The Venn Air Chair’s air cushion has a 300lb rated weight limit. We have many customers who are 250+ lbs who report 0 issues. That said, a Venn Air Chair should be treated as a piece of furniture. We don’t recommend jumping on it with the full force of your body weight like you might during a gym workout.
Are Venn products bare skin safe?

Yes, the fabrics used in Venn products are low toxicity and safe for contact with bare skin.

Can I wash the upholstery shell of my Venn Air Chair? 

Venn Air Chair shells are made with temperature-regulating foam and upholstery-grade fabric. It’s the same high quality fabric that you’d find on a luxury sofa or armchair. As such, Venn Air Chair upholstery shells are Dry Clean Only.


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