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The Differences Between a Solopreneur and an Entrepreneur

It was one of those days, long yet productive and it was just about that time to unwind. Deciding to treat myself with some YouTube binging, two thumbnails immediately caught my attention – more specifically two words within each title, entrepreneur and solopreneur. I was planning on detaching and consuming something totally unrelated to anything “work like”, but that algorithm is always trying to draw you in, and it worked. A mental note was made to explore these two concepts ­tomorrow, for now - The Mystery of Atlantis is too enticing.


The Boundaries Aren’t So Obvious

In the dynamic landscape of businesses solopreneurship and entrepreneurship are always dancing around one another, with their boundary lines blurring in today’s world.  While traditionally, being an entrepreneur implies having a team and operating on a larger scale, whereas a solopreneur is well, solo— it’s now common place for an individual to network with other solopreneurs, each a master of their domain effectively crafting a team of decentralized experts.  However, the lines between these two titles may be blurring, key difference do still exist, primarily those emotions which are unquantifiable, the unfiltered experience.


The Individual or The Collective

As a solopreneur, I would continually have this internal dialogue of self-reflection and doubt. Sitting there staring at laptop as the light passing through my window changes with the passing hours, an external observer would see someone just lounging idly by, oblivious to the battle being waged internally. A battle between self-confidence and doubt, between self-reflection and ego. This is a fact of life when one is a solopreneur, every aspect of the venture relies on them. The vision may change; therefore, you must change, the path chosen may not be the right one, then you must pivot. This isn’t to say entrepreneurs don’t go through the same roller coaster of emotions, as I said the lines are blurred. However, an entrepreneur can find solace in the fact that a team is around them to share in the decision making, or face the distress for others when a tough decision needs to be made for the benefit of the business.


Growing Reliefs with The Pains

Each day would offer something new, sometimes I would think “THAT’S IT I GOT THE HANG OF THIS”, and then a new set of learning curves will appear that must be overcome in order to succeed. The growth of my business is intertwined with my own personal growth, with intense periods of self-learning being the norm. Entrepreneurs must grow as well in order for their business to succeed, however this growth is multidimensional. Their personal development is centered around leadership and managing relations, making sure that their team is aligned with their vision.


Does it Really Matter?

Whether you’re a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, a series of achievements and challenges will always arise as you embark on your journey. Many of the lines between these two titles intersect because in the end both require vision, sacrifice, constructive criticism and self-belief. In the end, you and I will both have to master the skills and manage the emotions that consume when taking on a venture. So are there really differences between a solopreneur and entrepreneur? Maybe. Or perhaps depending on the mindset or what emotional state you’re in will decide on which concept you resonate with, leading your self-identity to change and fluctuate on an given day.

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