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The Art of WFH Design: Tailoring Your Space for Optimal Performance

The Art of WFH Design: Tailoring Your Space for Optimal Performance

Crafting Your Ideal WFH Workspace

Before determining which essentials are crucial for a WFH (work from home) workspace, it's essential to consider what you want your workspace to accomplish for you. How does it function for you personally? When designing any space, including your workspace, it's helpful to take a step back and consider what matters most to you. Design isn't one-size-fits-all; it's about creating a connection with your environment. Everything from lighting and colors to plants and functional furniture should align with your goals and preferences. As the saying goes, "you are the product of your environment."

Creating Different Zones: Designing for Productivity, Creativity, and Wellness

When I'm creating a workspace, I try to incorporate distinct zones—the workspace, a space to detach (perhaps a creative thinking zone/chill zone), and a wellness zone. Even in a small space like an apartment or condo, you can still make the most of every corner of your home office. Whether it's in a small den or a studio, you can get creative. Try to envision how you would incorporate elements of productivity, creativity, and wellness into your home office.

Productive Zone: Setting Up for Success

Productive Zone: This is your workspace setup. It should be designed for maximum productivity and focus. It's the zone where you need to get "IN THE ZONE". Optimize the lighting for a nice bright space. Make sure it's organized and you have a nice open clutter-free area to work on. Incorporate ergonomic solutions like monitor stands and add a task lamp (we love the Midgard 552 Modular Clamp Lamp). Organizational accessories like the Oakywood Catchall Tray or Desk Stand can go along way for creating more surface space on your desk and raise your monitors to the proper ergonomic height. Of course, a good adjustable desk is key. Remember, the goal when you're at your desk is to be productive. But to do that sustainably, you need to consider certain things that make being at your desk for many hours in a day feasible, prioritizing your health too. Make sure to use an office chair that is comfortable and right for your body. We think active sitting chairs are the perfect solution for incorporating movement without disrupting your workflow and focus like under desk treadmills might.
Image of aesthetic workspace with Oakwood desk accessories
(Check out all Oakywood Desk Accessories here!)

Movement Zone: Counteracting Sedentary Habits

Movement Zone: Create a space for regular movement to counteract sedentary habits. Wall bars are a practical addition for incorporating movement into your routine, especially for exercises like dead hangs, pull-ups, and other stretches. They fit flush against the wall without taking up much space. This is the space where you might want to consider a walking treadmill, ideally by a window where you can walk and look away from your computer screens. The movement zone should be all about getting the blood flowing and using it frequently throughout the day to combat sedentarism. Taking just 5 minutes between focused work sessions can go a long way in ensuring you're as productive as possible. Studies have shown that exercise after a long day of sitting is not enough to counteract the negative effects of sedentarism, so make sure to take this zone seriously and make room for it. As remote professionals, we might not always have time to leave for the gym every day, but that doesn't mean we can't make space for movement and exercise right in our own homes, especially if it energizes us and actually makes us more productive!
image of home office with wall bars and exercise ball
(BenchK 221 Wall Bar in a home office next to a Venn Design Air Chair.)

Thinking/Chill Zone: Detaching and Refreshing

Thinking/Chill Zone: Include a designated thinking space where you can detach from work tasks and let your mind wander—a spot where you can stop and think, away from the computer, a spot where you can just slow down and connect some dots and think. It's not uncommon to get into a creative rut, going from one meeting to another and one task to the next. But sometimes our best work can come from taking a step back, letting the mind adjust to the new project or task you are taking on, detaching from the last one, and then going back to the productivity-focused zone with a clear mind. A good lounge chair, perhaps with a large plant nearby, a bookshelf, and a floor lamp that creates a nice ambiance (the &Tradition AJ7 Bellevue Floor Lamp comes to mind here).
&Tradition AJ7 Bellevue Floor Lamp in creative corner of a workspace

Investing in Your Future Productivity and Well-being

Even if you're limited with space, the versatility of products like the Air Chair by Venn Design can serve almost all corners of the workspace, from ergonomic active sitting chair to the exercise ball, and even roll it over to the chill zone and use it to relax on while you detach and relax.
One last thing I'll touch on is organization. When it comes to organization, everyone wants a good clean space, but that doesn't mean everything always has to be perfectly in its place. While clean minimalist setups are aesthetically pleasing, allowing a bit of creative chaos can foster innovation too. Consider the workspaces of renowned creative geniuses—were they always impeccably tidy? Embrace a flexible approach to organization that accommodates your creative process. Don't let your workspace aesthetic goals actually get in the way of being CREATIVE. But when you do organize your space, use accessories like the Oakywood Catchall Tray to tuck away small notepads, pencils, and things that you do use when you are in a creative flow mode.
creative workspace with a kneeling chair
Overall, the key to a functional workspace is to get clear on your own goals and then infuse your workspace with elements that are going to help you reach them in a sustainable way. Let your workspace inspire and energize you. Let it speak to you and connect with you in ways that ignite your best work and the most creative version of yourself. When you spend hours every day in your home office, it's an investment that can shape your future when designed correctly! And don't forget that the best work is done when you are the healthy and active!
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