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Breaking the Mold: Varier's Movement-Centric Design

In a world where the norm is often mistaken for the ideal, Varier stands out by challenging conventional sitting habits with its disruptive approach to furniture design. Founded on the philosophy that movement is not just a part of life but essential to our well-being, Varier designs furniture that moves with you, encouraging a more dynamic way of sitting that reflects the natural instincts of the human body.

Embracing Movement

Varier's core belief is that the human body is designed to move. Modern lifestyles, however, have forced us into a cycle of stillness that contradicts our natural state. Recognizing this, Varier creates out-of-the-ordinary furniture that not only serves as a functional piece but also as a catalyst for movement, inviting us to flow between positions seamlessly.

The Philosophy of Active Sitting

At the heart of Varier's designs is the concept of active sitting. Through innovative chairs like the Variable™, Ekstrem™, Move™, and Gravity™, Varier offers a solution to the sedentary lifestyle imposed by contemporary work and living environments. These iconic chairs are not just about changing how we sit but transforming how we interact with our spaces, encouraging a balanced and active lifestyle.

A Fusion of Form and Function

Varier challenges the notion that ergonomics cannot be beautiful. Each piece is a blend of expressive form and ergonomic ease, designed to be both visually striking and intuitively comfortable. The company's approach to design is holistic, placing the human body at the center of every creation and making movement an effortless part of the user experience.

Commitment to Sustainability and Creativity

Sustainability and creative play are at the core of Varier's design process. The materials are carefully chosen for their quality, texture, and sustainable attributes, in collaboration with partners who share Varier's ethical values. This commitment extends to the creative process, where spontaneity and collaboration with designers and creative talents are encouraged, fostering innovation and fresh expressions in furniture design.

Building a Community of Movement

Varier is more than a furniture company; it's a community builder, connecting individuals who value creativity, wellness, and a holistic approach to living. By challenging sitting conventions and embracing a why-not attitude, Varier attracts a diverse audience that ranges from wellness enthusiasts to creative professionals, all united by a shared desire for a balanced and active lifestyle.


Varier invites us to reconsider our sitting habits, offering furniture that balances form, function, and the freedom to move. In doing so, Varier not only enhances our physical comfort but also inspires a more creative, healthy, and sustainable way of living. The next position, as Varier believes, is always the best - a mantra that encourages us to embrace change, movement, and innovation in every aspect of our lives.

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